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cvmango ID: 4188
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This is candidate who was already working with data during high school. He helped a mother who worked for a non-bank company. He worked on evaluating clients' creditworthiness, assessing the income and spending of these applicants. During his university studies, he joined the media agency as a trainee analyst in the last year of his bachelor's degree. At the beginning he worked on part time - 4 hours a day, but after some time he spent there 6-8 hours per day. He was responsible for preparing reporting for clients, but also for internal purposes - investment development, campaign success and possible campaign optimization, competitive analysis. These reports were on a regular basis - weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, but also ad hoc analysis. After some time, his work responsibility was increasing, he was working on exploring analysis and with visualization tools. It was all about self-study and self-initiative to participate in training. He started working with his "assistant" who helps him with basic things. He focused on automation, in an effort to save time, make work more efficient and thus save money. For example, he automated the flow charts, working with them was difficult and they lost about 1,000 hours a year, he automated them and reduced the time to some about 20-50 hours a year. A candidate is a person who searches for a story in numbers, interprets it and trying to use them in the next steps. He is accustomed to deadlines, so he approaches work responsibly to catch them. If he perceives some uncertainties, he tries to prevent complications and asks more. Overall, he is trying to predict everything.

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