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How it works?

Do you advertise, search CVs on online job boards, get a huge amount of irrelevant applications and meet applicants whose CVs appear to be ideal but the interview shows that the applicant was just a paper tiger? We, in have taken care of all this instead of you and even for more. All you need to do is to choose from among the applicants who have already been verified by a professional recruiter.

Quickly, simply, transparently

Each applicant presented on underwent a detailed interview with an experienced recruiter.

Why shall I use

We go through dozens of interviews daily and we choose just the best applicants for you.

No cure - no pay

Searching the CVs and even arranging appointments with desired applicants are free of charge. You only pay if you really hire the selected applicant.

Cost saving

We offer a solution which is comparable with conventional external recruitment including the guarantee and an identical process, however, at considerably lower prices.

Transparent financing

The salary expectations of each applicant and our sales commission are specified in each profile.


If the contract terminates during the first three months of cooperation, refunds the sales commission you paid.

Verified applicants

You will deal only with applicants who meet your expectations and are motivated for a career change.

Effective communication

We personally administrate the entire process of communication between you and the applicant. You do not have to go through non-relevant CVs and unsuitable applicants.

We search instead of you

If you do not find what you are looking for, we will conduct a search for the right applicant based on your requirements and contact you.

Personal assistance

Do you not get relevant results from the search? We will be happy to advise you and make the search for you. Or we can teach your employees how to work with our system properly - for free.

We will reward you

If you meet an interesting applicant who you believe should be published on, let us know. We will reward you.

We will find a new job for you

Do you find yourself to be an interesting applicant for the labour market? Contact us. We will be happy to meet you, compile your profile and introduce you to interesting employers.


Working with cvmango is very simple and intuitive. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The invoice for the services of is issued on the day when the cooperation with your applicant begins. The due period is ten days. You only pay if your applicant starts working. All the other services are free of charge. The sale commission for a particular applicant is specified in his/her profile and does not include VAT.

The registration is free of charge and there is no commitment related with it.

With free registration, you will be able to browse more detailed information about applicants and set a Watch Dog. This provides an overview of your recent search and tracks your order status.

Objednávka vás zaväzuje k úhrade odmeny uvedenej v životopise uchádzača v momente jeho nástupu do práce. Tento záväzok je platný iba vtedy, ak uchádzač s ktorým ste zahájili spoluprácu reálne nastúpi do práce. K úhrade odmeny sa zaväzujete aj v prípade, že toto CV sprostredkujete tretej strane a dôjde k uzavretiu kontraktu medzi treťou stranou a uchádzačom. Tento záväzok je platný 12 mesiacov od predstavenia uchádzača.

The guarantee terms are the same like in the case of regular external recruitment. If the employment relationship between the applicant and the client ends during the three-month guarantee period, refunds an aliquot part of the amount paid. During the first month - 100% of the amount, during the 2nd month - 50% of the amount, during the 3rd month - 50% of the amount.

Once you sign the order form and once the applicant confirms his/her interest in your job offer.

With this service, you can receive information about the latest applicants on who meet your criteria by email. The message is sent immediately once they are listed in the database.

You can contact us without obligation if you are interested in our services. We will call you then.

The availability of particular applicants differs depending on their commitments to their present employers. The latest status is always checked at the first contact with the applicant once we receive your non-binding order.

We constantly search for interesting applicants from different sources like job boards and social media, conferences and interests groups or through direct search and headhunting. Each applicant must pass a detailed interview which focuses on his/her job experience, education, professional and language skills, motivation and personal abilities.

Register your CV or LINKEDIN profile at and we will take care of everything.