Marketing Specialist

cvmango ID: 4709
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Candidate with a degree in accounting, management and economics. experience in the field of website editing since 2012, founded his own e-shop in 2015, his activity is currently attenuated. At Solvex, he was responsible for the redesign of the website / e-shop and gradually set up advanced analytics tools. He introduced automated marketing through Exponeu. For the last two years he has been working for Vibration clients as a Marketing Consultant. His projects also included e-shops in the field of sports fashion, gift items, office supplies and LED lights. He met with clients on a monthly basis (or as needed) and in cooperation with colleagues he was able to offer complex marketing solutions - e-shop, PPC, SEO, newsletters, UX audits, etc. Accustomed to teamwork, he supplies his colleagues with comprehensive documents and thanks to his long-term cooperation with programmers and the basis of HTML, PHP, CSS, he is able to communicate effectively also by IT specialists. It uses the Asana application for the schedule, in which tasks are assigned to individuals with the required delivery date. These deadlines are checked with colleagues / suppliers on an ongoing basis. It seeks to increase turnover and routinely argues the benefits of solutions to the client. An example is an e-shop with office supplies. He convinced the owner to use Heureka, which brought him orders and a SHOP of the year in the office supplies category. The candidate uses analytical tools and understands the complexity that is associated with the e-shop and company management overall. He spreads his knowledge through training, internet resources, but also through his own experience. Advanced knowledge of English.

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