Marketing Specialist / Marketing

cvmango ID: 4577
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Candidate has 10 years of marketing experience. Most recently worked as a Corporate Communication Specialist. Created materials for press releases, articles, and assigned them to PR agencies. Also solved various events, advertising campaigns. Aas also responsible for casting websites and social networks. Internally, handled events for employees to have an overview of the state of the company. Gro was in the Czech Republic, but she was given the task of creating a communication axis for Slovakia. Also wrote articles on the intranet. Worked for a while on a business within a single project, creating a marketing strategy from scratch. Launched the web, payment gateways, and solved product development - selling a personalized product to companies she packed. Introduced a blog, managed social networks. The project was planned for 1 year with subsequent sale. Managed to attract 2 large clients, so the price and value of the project increased very much. Even after the sale of the product, clients communicated with her. Within another company, she has dealt with primarily innovative activities for departments. They did newsletters, seminars for employees, but her job was to see if they actually read them, whether they attended the seminars. Her role was to raise awareness among departments so that they knew what they were doing to encourage crosselling (some employees did not know at all that the company was offering other services). This work taught her very much how to deal with different types of people. Used English actively to a lesser extent, but there is no problem in understanding.

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