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Production manager / Maintenance Manager

cvmango ID: 4270
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This is a technically oriented candidate with interesting skills and he was moving from project designer up to project management and maintenance and production management in manufacturing companies. He managed all maintenance with an annual budget of 500K €, he was in charge of setting up OPEX and CAPEX (up to approx. € 3m). These were overhaul projects, energy saving projects (saving several hundred million € per year), waste reduction (from 8% to 3.7%), line efficiency adjustment, new building construction or extensions, moving lines from abroad ( Finland and UK) to Slovakia, SAP deployment (modules for production and maintenance), implementation of fire protection system and management of change. He also has a maintenance experience in the IT field, as he worked in a data processing company. He was responsible for converting data from various sources into a unified form. It was not entirely in line with his expectations. After this, he worked for company in Automation & Maintenance and was responsible for the technical facilities of the new VW plant (design, take-off, and testing of the plant for which optimization was proposed). He didn’t like the way of handling people management in the company, there was no open communication, space for optimization. The candidate quit the job. He is currently working for the company in science and research. He works on development of variety of facilities/technologies, legislative facilities, and procedural matters. Basically, he builds all maintenance. He is a contemplating type of person, and decisions are often made hot, ineffective in the company. Candidates is looking for a stable job where they have space for bringing their own ideas and being creative. But the type of position is not important to him, but whether work fills him.

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