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Pracovné skúsenosti / Work experiences
08/2000 - now

Founder and Managing Partner

Zameranie spoločnosti: Consulting company focusing on efficiency improvements and costs reduction of middle and large size companies

  • management consulting company focusing on efficiency improvements and costs reduction of middle and large size companies through intensive implementation projects and other types of involvements
  • managing and overlooking completion of more than 100 implementation projects for more than 40 clients from different industries and areas in 6 European countries
  • full responsibility for all areas of the business from sales, operation, finance to marketing, HR, hiring and training
  • directing up to 23 active contractors

03/2018 - 04/2020


Zameranie spoločnosti: Largest Central European fine jewellery designer, producer and seller

  • managing production, design and customer service departments
  • developed and implemented changes and improvements in operational processes resulting in efficiency increase
  • developed and prepared new technologies for the jewellery industry

01/2018 - 03/2018

Organizational and process audit

Zameranie spoločnosti: Specialized hospital

  • specialized hospital for patients with rheumatological diseases, 150+ people
  • evaluation of existing processes and utilization of resources
  • identification and specification of existing problems and opportunities for improvement
  • clear specification of solutions for elimination of non-efficiencies and problems

06/2017 - 12/2017

Implementation project

Zameranie spoločnosti: Engineering company focused on the production of fuel dispensers and technologies

  • engineering company focused on the production of fuel dispensers and technologies for pumping stations with 300+ people
  • increase of production throughput by 38%
  • developed and implemented changes on processes of planning, operating and controlling of supply chain, production and contracting
  • managed and controlled implementation and utilization of changes in technological processes

04/2016 - 05/2018


Zameranie spoločnosti: Printing

  • major Printing House in Slovakia with 600+ employees
  • created and implemented new Board reporting
  • analysis of overall performance and operations efficiency
  • active participation on monthly board meetings of the company

05/2016 - 09/2016

Implementation project

Zameranie spoločnosti: Innovative and award-winning producer of healthy nature-based beverages with 150+ people

  • increase of actual production by 42%
  • radical improvement of utilization of production technologies
  • development of new planning tools and parameters
  • managed and controlled implementation and utilization of all changes

07/2005 - 09/2005

Organizational restructuring

Zameranie spoločnosti: Bank

  • top 5 largest bank in Czech Republic with 10.000+ employees
  • in less than 4 months analysed existing organizational structure and processes of the whole company
  • identified potential for improvement and agreed with all managers on steps to realize the potential and target number of employees for each department
  • project resulted in reduction of more than 7% of the employees

08/2000 - now

Implementation projects completed for clients in following industries and business areas

  • heavy engineering
  • building materials
  • healthcare
  • light engineering
  • textile industry
  • research and education
  • plastics engineering
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food production
  • automotive
  • financial services
  • government and public
  • transportation

Vzdelanie / Education


Master of Business Administration

Faculty of corporate management

Coruse: Project Director

Course: Leadership