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cvmango ID: 5726

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Pracovné skúsenosti / Work experiences
1998 - today


Zameranie spoločnosti: Freelancer

  • authoring and lecturing several hundreds of IT related courses in wide spectrum of technologies, like .NET, MS SQL Server, Python, Oracle, PL/SQL, APEX, Windows Server, Exchange Server, C#, ASP.NET Core, Docker, VB.NET, VBA, Git, TFS, Javascript, Node.js, TypeScript, Docker, Python and many others
  • programming lots of smaller projects, using C#, VBA, MS SQL, MS Office, C++ …

01/2020 - 03/2020

As a Freelancer

Zameranie spoločnosti: IT

  • Programming gaming platform using C#/ASP.NET Core/CQRS on back end & ES6/React/Web Assembly on front end

2019 – 2020

As a Freelancer

Zameranie spoločnosti: Bank

  • analyzing existing data on Oracle Database for historical errors using PL/SQL and Oracle Developer

2016 - 2017

As a Freelancer (Switzerland)

Zameranie spoločnosti: Computer & Elektronik

  • leading team of junior developers to deliver mobile version of online shop
  • communicating with non-technical marketing and business users in Switzerland and transforming their requirements into technical tasks for the implementation team
  • moved team from Waterfall approaches to hybrid Agile approaches by setting up daily Stand Up Meetings and other Agile practices
  • set up project infrastructure using Team Foundation Server and GIT (using GIT Flow branches structure) as main collaboration tools
  • set up basis for project testability using NUnit, qUnit and Shouldly
  • set up projects backend architecture using loosely coupled Onion Domain Driven approach, to achieve testability, maintainability and extendibility of the project
  • set up front-end architecture as a MVVM responsive Single Page Application, using Knockout.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Amplify, Sammy.js, and AJAX
  • other technologies used in project were MS SQL Server, ASP.NET Web Api, ASP.NET MVC, Ninject IoC, Entity Framework, Log4Net, and Glimpse

2015 – 2016

As a Freelancer

Zameranie spoločnosti: Bank

  • leading team of 2 younger colleagues
  • used tSQLt to unit test solution
  • design, implementation and documentation of system based on T-SQL to identify data that should be deleted based on Data Protection Act in big data warehouse with more than 20 source systems

2014 – 2015

As a Freelancer

Zameranie spoločnosti: IT company

  • analysis, design and implementation of REST backend in C# using ServiceStack framework running on top of ASP.NET and ORM Lite accessing data in MS SQL database
  • management and configuration of Continues Integration and continues Delivery in Team City and MS Build environment; Daily interaction with GIT based repository using theme branches
  • unit and integration tests design and implementation

Vzdelanie / Education
1991 – 1995

Electrotechnical Secondary School

Leaving Examination

Certification: Working knowledge of Ab Initio