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Project Manager / Design Engineer

cvmango ID: 2862
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The candidate has graduated from the Faculty of Materials Science, Major: Computer Design and Production Support (combined form of study). During his studies at high school, he was employed for a permanent job in automotive company, where he went through two departments- production and quality departments. Since 2013, he has worked in a specialized department where he is responsible for technical planning - planning investment for measuring products, entering technical requirements for the supplier, testing manufactured products, and approving manufacturing authorizations. The candidate is also responsible for technical changes, commenting and integration into construction. He also has experience with simple design of simple plastic parts, e.g., grips for front lamps, rear bumper, roof rack, etc. He designed in CATIA software (4-5 drawings per year). He is currently working on three projects in the pre-serial phase, which requires time overtime. One project communicates with about 6 German suppliers and frequent business trips to Germany. He has an active knowledge of German, an advanced knowledge of CATIA, which he uses on daily basis.

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