Property Manager / Maintenance Manager / Facility Manager

cvmango ID: 2706
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A candidate who has 8+ years of experience in managerial positions in the field of maintenance of buildings and facilities in manufacturing. Currently working as F & M Manager. He is in charge of 10 people (6 mechanics, 3 cleaners, 1 SBS) and managing a 5 storey building (30,000 m2). There was no system in the field of environmental protection, waste sorting or OSH that he had to set up. The candidate also has experience in conducting tenders for supply services (5 companies, the same assignment), organizing and supervising the work done, ordering spare parts and tracking inventory, communicating with state authorities (environment, construction office, labor inspection, etc.). .). He owns announcement §23. As a manager, he has experience in evaluating and motivating employees, prefers a human approach, and tries to maintain regular personal contact with them, pointing to examples in case of problem solving. He has very good communication and presentation skills. Active command of English.

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